For the second instalment of our 2020 program we welcome one of the scene’s best-kept secrets – Leeds’ finest Imajika. Supplying five hard-hitting tracks that are primed to light up dance floors, whilst simultaneously taking listeners on a sonic journey through tribal rhythms, punchy drums and immaculate sound design. Calling upon ancient forces, Imajika makes a powerful statement with his Stagger EP, and he won’t be a secret for long.

A. Stagger
B1. Unti Pundi
B2. Inside The Sycamore Root
Digital Exclusive: Stoker
Digital Exclusive: Walking Through the Elephant’s Foot

180g 12″ Vinyl.

Pre-Order now to get an instant WAV download of ‘Walking Through the Elephant’s Foot ’ immediately and all other tracks of the EP on release date 12th June.